Private Collection (Top 10 rare)



(7'' EP)








Country of Origin / Record Label / Catalogue No

USA, Whiplash Records, EP-200



Mr. Cool / Longhaired Woman / Don`t Need You


Line Up

Blackie 'Goozeman' Lawless - Lead vocals & guitar

Arthur Kane - Bass & vocals

Andy Jay - Lead guitar & vocals

Jimi Image - Drums & vocals



Additional Info

When a singing vacancy came up with the legendary ''NEW YORK DOLLS'', after Johnny Thunders leaves in 1974, Blackie takes it up. Blackie was an old friend of Arthur Kane from the Bronx and had replaced Johnny Thunders during the ill fated Florida tour in 1975. After six months playing with the then dying NEW YORK DOLLS, Blackie and fellow DOLLS bassist Arthur Kane decide to leave New York and head to L.A.

Blackie (known at this time as "Blackie Goozeman") on lead vocals & guitar, Arthur Kane on bass, Andy Jay on lead guitar and Jimi Image on drums formed a band called ''KILLER KANE'' and recorded a three-track demo. Arthur Kane took the tapes back to New York, and release a bootlegged 33 ½ 7'' EP. This includes the tracks ''MR COOL'' on Side 1 (which was later renamed ''Cries In The Night'' and used on the second W.A.S.P record), ''LONGHAIRED WOMAN'' and ''DON'T NEED YOU'' on Side 2. The songs later re-surfaced on a post-New York Dolls compilation album called ''Sons Of The Dolls''.





This photo was taken after gig at Hollywood's Notorious "Starwood Club" in 1976. Photo was taken by Dead Boys' road manager James Sliman. Andy Jay sent me this photo on June 2009 and gave me permission to use it on my website - thanks Andy

Here you can read a very interesting interview that Andy Jay gave on August 18 2009 exclusively to

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