Doug Blair - Lead Guitars / Vocals

(1992-1993, 2001,

2006 - Present)








Doug Blair, born February 11, 1963 as Douglas Blair Lucek. Doug's early development as a musician took place in his home state of Connecticut (USA). His focus on technical ability with the guitar quickly saw him gaining a reputation locally with his early band, Run 21. This band played small club dates in the Tri-State area (NY,NJ,CT) and recorded some original material during that time. One of the songs, "Baby It's Your Face" was recorded at Presence Studio in East Haven and released on the Metalstorm compilation produced by Jamie Bircumshaw and Tom Boyd in 1985. This early Doug Blair band, Run 21 also included Stet Howland on drums who would later join W.A.S.P. (as would Blair). Run 21 was especially known for it's outlandish show (compared to other Connecticut acts) that would see Blair jumping up on the bar and playing while running in between glasses and bottles. The act had an element of comedy with drummer Stet Howland's dialogue with the audience. This early "over the top" style of performance were pre-cursors to what Blair and Howland would be doing with the internationally known W.A.S.P.

He initially joined W.A.S.P. for a short time in 1992. During his time Blair authored a guitar column for Mixx Magazine (now known as Intermixx Webzine) where he gave instruction and advice on the general subject of guitar playing and guitar instruments which he was known to design. He was also a quick replacement on W.A.S.P.'s Unholy Terror Tour in 2001 on two festival gigs when Chris Holmes left the band. In 2006 he was hired by W.A.S.P. for the third time.

His 'other' current band is Signal2Noise with percussionist/vocalist John Anthony. Their debut album, "Fighting Mental Illness", has 7 songs; Generica, Contrast, Hear, Disown, Out, Corner, and a bonus acoustic version of Wall. You can learn more about Signal2Noise at or

Blair is known for inventing the innovative instrument the "GuitarCross" which blend five guitar strings with three bass strings (guitar strings sent to one amplifier, bass strings to another) to make a unique sound. He uses this invention in s2n and also uses a unique 12-string acoustic named "Asia."

source: wikipedia


Doug Blair's Profile:

Birthday: February 11, 1963
W.A.S.P. albums in which he played the guitar:
Dominator (2007) - Babylon (2009)
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